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24x7 Magazine

     Ismael Cordero: 2014 Robert L. Morris Humanitarian- IC_Humanitarian

     • Joining hands to advance clinical engineering in Bangladesh-  24x7_Bangladesh ACEW

     • Ophthalmic Equipment- Part 1-  24x7_Oph equip part 1

     • Ophthalmic Equipment- Part 2-  24x7_Oph equip opth 2

     • A day in the life- Not your ordinary biomed job- 24x7_ORBIS biomed

     • Soapbox- You don’t have it so bad-  24x7_Soapbox_not so bad

     • Soapbox- Transparency in medical equipment pricing-  24x7_Soapbox_Transparency in pricing

     • Soapbox- Eliminating the equipment pricing mystery- 24x7_Soapbox- equip pricing mystery

Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology /AAMI News

     • Clinical Engineer Shares Challenges to Rebuilding Medical Technology-  AAMINews_July_2010_Haiti

     • Jump on board the world’s only flying eye hospital-  BI&T_July_2006_jump onboard the FEH

     • Report from Bangladesh- Seeing the Profession’s Roots in a Developing Country- BI&T_July_2007_Bangladesh

     • Volunteering: a unique way to enhance your skills- BI&T_July_2008_volunteering

Community Eye Health Journal- English

      • How to care for and clean optical surfaces-  CEHJ_Dec_2010_cleaning optics

      • Donations of consumables and surgical instruments: how to ensure you really benefit-  CEHJ_Dec_2011_donations of consumables

      • Sharpening and tightening surgical scissors-  CEHJ_Dec2011_Scissors

      •. Equipment maintenance and repair-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_maintenance

      • How to look after and care for a slit lamp-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_slit-lamp

      • Training for equipment maintenance and repair-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_training

      • How to safely use a portable electric generator-  CEHJ_Sept_2011_portable generators

      • Donations: how to ensure you really benefit-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_donations

      • Checking and replacing fuses- CEHJ_Oct_2012_Checking and replacing fuses

      • How to verify the calibration of Goldmann tonometers- CEHJ_Jan_2013_goldmann_tonometers

      • Inspecting and unbending surgical needle holders- CEHJ_inspecting-and-unbending-surgical-needle-holders

      • How to handle and care for bulbs in opthalmic equipment- CEHJ_how-to-handle-and-care-for-bulbs-in-ophthalmic-equipment

      •. Fungus: how to prevent growth and remove it from optical components- CEHJ_Nov_2013_fungus-how-to-prevent-growth-and-remove-it-from-optical-instruments

      • Verifying the calibration of a manual one-position keratometer- CEHJ_Dec_2013_verifying-the-calibration-of-a-manual-one-position-keratometer

      • Understanding and caring for an operating microscope- CEHJ_Apr_2014_understanding-and-caring-for-an-operating-microscope

      • Understanding your operating microscope’s assistant scope and beamsplitter- CEH_understanding-your-operating-microscopes-assistant-scope-and-beamsplitter

      • Understanding and caring for a Schiotz tonometer- Understanding-and-caring-for-a-schiotz-tonometer

      • Ensuring proper and safe use of the cryotherapy machine- CEHJ_Apr_2015_Ensuring-proper-and-safe-use-of-the-cryotherapy-machine

      • Electrosurgical units – how they work and how to use them safely- CEHJ_June_2015_electrosurgical-units-how-they-work-and-how-to-use-them-safely

     • Electrical safety in the clinical environment – good habits to maintain- CEHJ_September_2015_electrical-safety-in-the-clinical-environment-good-habits-to-maintain

     • Caring for A- and B-scans- CEHJ_Jan_2016_caring-for-a-and-b-scans

    • Understanding and safely using ophthalmic lasers- CEHJ_April_2016_understanding-and-safely-using-ophthalmic-lasers

    • Understanding and caring for the direct ophthalmoscope- CEHJ_July_2016_Understanding-and-caring-for-the-direct-ophthalmoscope

   • Understanding and caring for a lensmeter- CEHJ_October_2016_Understanding-and-caring-for-a-lensmeter

   • Understanding and caring for an indirect ophthalmoscope- CEHJ_Feb_2017_indirect ophtalmoscope

   • Understanding and looking after a retinoscope and trial lens set- CEHJ_Aug_2017_Understanding and looking after a retinoscope and trial lens set

Community Eye Health Journal- Spanish

    • Donaciones: cómo asegurarse un verdadero beneficio-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_donaciones

     • Editorial: Brindándole atención a la tecnología de salud ocular- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_Editorial

     • Entrenamiento para mantener y arreglar el equipo- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_entrenam

     • ¿Cómo cuidar de una lámpara de hendedura?-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_lamp de hendidura

     • Mantenimiento y reparación de Equipos-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_manten

     • Donaciones de insumos e instrumentos quirúrgicos: cómo asegurar un beneficio real- CEHJ_Span_Dec2012_Donaciones_insumos

      • Afilado y ajuste de tijeras quirurgicas- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2012_Afilado de tijeras

      • Cómo verificar la calibración de los tonómetros de Goldmann- CEHJ_Span_Aug_2013_tonometros

     • Explicación del funcionamiento y cuidado de un microscopio quirúrgico- CEHJ_Span_Oct_2014_microscopio

Journal of Clinical Engineering

     • Focus on: ORBIS International Flying Eye Hospital, Department of Technical Services-  JCE_orbis article

Arab Medico

     • Tips for Negotiating Service Contracts for Your Medical Equipment-  ARAB_MEDICO_service _contracts

     • The Mystery of Medical Device Pricing-  ARAB_ MEDICO_Jan_2013_Medical Equipment Prices

Unpublished Articles

     • Technology Management in Less-Developed Countries: An Untold Success Story-  Health Technology Management in Less-Developed Countries

Manuals & Guides

     • Opthalmic Nursing- Getting Started Volume 1

         English- Vol_1_Ophthalmic_Nursing_-_Getting_Started

         Spanish- Vol_1_Ophthalmic_Nursing_-_Getting_Started-spanish

     • Guide to Ophthalmic Equipment For non-ophthalmic people-  ORBIS_2004_guide to ophthalmic equip

     • The Vision 2020 Handbook on equipping a secondary hospital- Chapter – XII Procurement Management- V2020_India_Equiping a secondary eye unit

     • Medical device donations: considerations for solicitation and provision- WHO_medical device donations (English)            

WHO_donaciones_dispositivos_medicos.pdf (Spanish)WHO_Dons_dispositifs_medicaux (French)

      • Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice: A manual for lower-resource settings- Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice Final


     • Managing Medical Technology to Eliminate Avoidable Blindness- WCO_2006 poster

     • New Technologies for Surgery- ACCE 2008 Teleconference Series, December 18, 2008- New Technologies for Surgery

     • Ophthalmologist’s Response to natural Disasters- PAAO Poster Chicago 2010-Haiti

     • Medical Devices Management Workshop during First Global Forum on Medical Devices- Medical Devices Management workshop

     • Challenges and Rewards of Building Capacity to Support Healthcare Technologies around the Globe- weServe Seminar at Drexel University

     • Interview- Catholic Health Association Medical Surplus Donations: FIrst Do No Harm- http://youtu.be/Pvok_GMWn0Y

     • Interview- Catholic Health Association- The Case for International Outreach- http://youtu.be/n3dmkfNDB7k

      • AHT 2014- Innovation for Medical Devices for Low Resource Settings - How Limiting the Scope of Work to creating Attention Grabbing Designs is not Effective- http://scpro.streamuk.com/uk/player/Default.aspx?wid=20375&ptid=1066&t=0

     • AHT 2016- Innovating beyond technology: building a technical support model to sustain the Universal Anaesthesia Machine- AHT2016 POSTER


     • Instrumentos y Equipos Oftalmologicos- Manual de cuidado y mantenimiento- Instrument_maintenance_spanish


        • UAM Ventilation Methods


     • Serving as Co-Editor of the American College of Clinical Engineering Newsletter- ACCE News  www.accenet.org

     • Created and designed first website for Orbis (1995) www.orbis.org